Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) 101

What is ham radio?

       Amateur radio operators can still transmits messages even when other systems, such as the internet, conventional phones, mobile phones, and regular phones, are down or overloaded. The hobby of radio amateurs, also known as "hams," is radio technology. However, it's also a service that has been important in saving lives when conventional communication networks failed.

       In Turkiye, as in every other nation, this hobby requires obtaining a license, which is subject to examination. However, getting a license isn't even the initial action in this process. Obtaining a license is only the start of learning because there is so much to learn. While conventional communication channels are frequently used, amateur radio operators, who combine analog and digital radio technologies, are constantly expanding their capabilities.

       If you delve deep enough, you will discover that using radio frequencies, without the need for internet and GSM connections, you can reach people in regions sometimes thousands of kilometers away using pure radio signals. You can even send them photos, location information, weather reports, and emails. In the initial stages of amateur radio, after establishing voice communication using analog radio frequencies, a whole world opens up. With determination, research, and a learning process, you can acquire many skills.