Fusion 360's Role in My Life

My relationship with the Fusion 360 software started during my first year of college, and through committed study and project experiences, it has since grown to be a significant aspect of my life. I arrived at the realization that I could now share this expertise to other people after spending more than 2,000 hours of my time to numerous projects, both academic and personal. I began offering Fusion 360 tutorials and working on personal freelance projects while continuing my academic studies.

Tutoring Fusion360

I offer remote and in-person Fusion360 teaching to anybody interested in studying 3D product design using the software, as well as industrial design students. We have had multiple sessions of individualized training with more than 10 learners, which has enabled us to develop a significant level of proficiency in Fusion360 and achieve outstanding results.

"Autodesk Fusion 360  is a CAD design software"

Curious about what it's like to collaborate with me on Fusion360? I invite you to explore my portfolio. By perusing my work, you'll get a better understanding of the kinds of models and levelsof expertise you can attain through our partnership. If you find this interesting and want to cooperate, you can contact me by sending email.

How you can take Private Lesson From Me?

You can visit my Superproof Tutor Profile to take private lessons with me for the Fusion 360 program, or you can send me an email.

Product Design Service

I have been involved as a product designer in numerous projects related to industrial production, robotics, and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industries. With my experience, I have been able to quickly generate concept or production-ready designs tailored to my client's desires and needs. I continue to produce such designs. If you also require a high-value design work, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, tailored to your project's situation and requirements, I am open to offers for collaboration. You can send me an email for partnership.